Borderlands 3 Will Have Aesthetic Micropayments And 4 Expansions

borderlands 3 micropayments

After announcing that there would be microtransactions in the presentation of the game, the CEO of Gearbox has been forced to rectify.

The first controversy of Borderlands 3 is here. Randy Pitchford (CEO of Gearbox Software ) and Game Informer magazine seem to be up in arms. During the presentation that preceded the first official gameplay of the game, Pitchford announced that the title will not have microtransactions and the publication did not take long to correct him and emphasize that there will be. There will be cosmetic items that can be purchased paying with real money. A clarification that did not sit very well to the director and was accompanied by a ” Why you insist on fuck me is something that surpasses me … thank you very much .”

Hours later, after an aggressive exchange of messages in which the CEO of Gearbox attacked the editorial line of the magazine and remarked the damage it had caused, messing up the name of Borderlands 3, tempers were tempered and Pitchford explained that he was referring to micropayments like those in many free to play. Who always referred to there will be no loot boxes and premium elements that spoil the experience and transform it into a pay to win. On our return to Pandora, the only microtransactions will be aesthetic and will go in the line of Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 3: Season Pass with 4 DLC

Also confirmed is the Borderlands 3 season pass, which will follow the steps of the previous ones and add 4 expansions to the original experience. It will be included in the Super Deluxe Edition, but it will also be sold separately at a price between 19.99 euros and 39.99 euros. Although there is not much information about it, this is Gearbox’s description of it: ” It includes four different campaigns with new stories, missions, and challenges “.

In the previous games of the saga, Borderlands downloadable content used to add new players with specialties and all kinds of weapons, armor, and modules. They also had exclusive game modes, such as sand, and some of the most spectacular moments and battles of the game. In addition, they increased the maximum level and hid new types of loot. Extras with time compiled in several of its Game of the Year editions.

To know what it includes with more accuracy we will have to wait until  September 13, date of departure of the game on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.