Capcom Accidentally Removes Denuvo From Resident Evil 2 For PC

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 returns for a moment to the eye of the storm, after a version of Denuvo ‘s protection software was leaked online in the past few hours. Some sources even speak of an internal error on the part of Capcom, which reintroduced the system into the game, but by now the executable had already finished online, in fact.

This version is obviously much more streamlined and can offer an overview of the game’s performance without the protection offered by Denuvo, if there were any, while in the meantime we try to understand what happened. Resident Evil 2 had already been breached, however, during the month of February.

The same Capcom in the past had decided to remove the protection from its own games (as in Resident Evil 7, for example) after a few months from the release, and it is likely that it intends to do so also with Resident Evil 2, even if maybe this version is released earlier than expected.

For the moment we just have to wait for any decisions or clarifications from the software house. We remind you that obviously, we will not provide links and that we report the news purely for the sake of news, being the whole editorial of contrary to piracy in all its forms and uses.

Meanwhile, the moddatori community shows no sign of abating and continues to bring out fun variations of the game. On our site, you will find an overview of the best Resident Evil 2 mods.