David Jaffe, Creator of God of War, Works on a New Horror Game

David Jaffe

After a while in the shade, the father of Kratos or Twisted Metal gives the first clues about his next game, a survival horror for a single player.

Although he has been away from the big stages for some time, the name of David Jaffe is still one of those capable of shaking the videogame industry. After all, we talked about the creator of sagas such as God of War and Twisted Metal, who last weekend announced that he is already working on a new project. It is a single-player horror game that Jaffe is experimenting with and experimenting with ” new ways of telling stories “.

The creative assured that he has not yet taught the game to anyone and that therefore lacks any funding. ” When I show it to the world, maybe everyone will hate it and nobody wants to. Or maybe it’s a bombshell. I do not know at the moment. There are days when this uncertainty is very scary and very stressful. But I have to be professional, impose myself on fear and move on. I wanted to share it: no matter how much experience you have, the beginnings are always terrifying. Even so, they are also very funny, ” said Jaffe.

The latest news we had from Jaffe was not too encouraging. In February 2018 the creative was forced to close his studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, with which he had developed a single videogame: Drawn to Death. The title did not work and after it, Jaffe became more known for his statements than for his work. Some examples of these are when he told us to take it for the ass, when he compared Sony with a vagina or when he said that the last God of War seemed superficial to him.

As a curiosity, one of the reasons for the closure of his study was the lack of interest in the projects that exposed and tried to sell. Among them was a version of Iron Man for virtual reality that was rejected by Sony. Yes, yes, a version like the one that was announced in the State of Play for PlayStation VR and with which Jaffe does not have any kind of relationship. What would Iron Man VR have looked like and how will your ad have sat?