Fortnite Season 8: Where To Find The Secret Banner Of Week 10


At what point are the new challenges of the week 10 of Fortnite Season 8? If you have managed to complete them all, you can search for the new Secret Banner: in this mini-guide, we explain where to find it by showing you its exact location on the map.

Below we list all the challenges this week

Week 10 Fortnite Season 8 Challenges


  • Throw in circles of fire with a cannon (0/3)
  • Step 1 of 3: Collect wood in a single game (0/500)
  • Eliminate opponents in Hanging Pinnacles or in the Neighborhood (0/3)

Battle Pass

  • Inflict damage with an infantry rifle or heavy assault rifle (0/500)
  • Step 1 of 2: Search for the treasure map sign at Crocevia del Ciarpame(0/1)
  • Inflict damage within 10 s of landing after using a volcanic conduit (0/100)
  • Eliminate an opponent from 5 meters or less away (0/2)

As always, after completing all the week’s challenges, you will unlock the upload screen containing the clue about the location of the new secret item.

The location of the Secret Banner of Week 10 of Fortnite Season 8

After analyzing the screen in question, we learned that the secret banner of Week 10 is found at the Shores of the Sacking, inside the central islet, and more precisely next to the truck positioned towards the center of the structure.

To see the exact position of the Secret Banner of Week 10, you can look at the map shown at the bottom of the page and the video proposed at the beginning. Remember that to collect the Secret Banner you will first need to complete all the Challenges of Week 10: if you need help to complete them, you can consult the mini-guides linked in the list of challenges above.