Fortnite Season 9: Date Of Departure Announced!

Fortnite Season 9

Today comes the Week 10 Fortnite Season 8 Challenges, which officially marked the end of the current season, Epic also announced that the start of Season 9 is imminent!

Specifically, Epic Games has announced that Fortnite Season 9 will begin next week and more precisely Wednesday, May 8th, a date that marks the beginning of the season for both Battle Royale mode and Saves the World.

At the moment the next Fortnite season is shrouded in mystery, in all likelihood, a great event at Sponde del Sac shining will cause a cataclysm that will allow Season 9 to officially begin, however, for now, Epic wants to keep the maximum reserve, we can still expect some disruptions over the weekend …

Today, starting at 11:00, the 8.51 update will be published, while next week the 9.0 update will arrive and with it the highly anticipated new season that will accompany us throughout the summer months, until the end of August …