Fortnite: The Red Sox Prohibit Players From Wasting Time With Epic Games Battle Royale

The Red Sox

It seems that Fortnite puts a spoke in the wheel of “traditional” sport and creates many headaches for various professional teams. Some Major League Baseball franchises (but also of the NFL and the NHL and the NBA), in fact, had to put a limit on the hours that athletes pass in front of Epic Games’ battle royale.

A real phenomenon of custom, Fortnite, which has made a big hit even among athletes who are literally crazy about it.

Among the franchises, there are the Toronto Blue Jays, the New York Knicks and, now, the Boston Red Sox, a historic MBL franchise that won the ninth World Series title, despite the team having a rather turbulent start.

The management, in agreement with the technical staff, took the decision to ban the popular battle royale in the areas dedicated to players. According to the pitcher Nathan Eovaldi and to some players of the Red Sox it was a decision of the team to ” ban ” Fortnite before the matches, although the team is still doing well in this last period.

I think there is a time and a place for Fortnite too,” said Eovaldi.

At least the Sox will avoid the problems that arose in the locker room of Philadelphia when the player Carlos Santana destroyed a TV that his teammates used to play Fortnite at the end of last season.

Santana justified herself by saying that some teammates played too much at Fortnite and had seen several of them throw away many useful hours for training just when Philadelphia was in a bad position.