Fortnite: The Shop Is Updated With New Skins That Were Not Leaked And Much More

Fortnite Shop Updated

Even today the Fortnite Shop has been updated, bringing with it several new features, some of which had not yet been discovered with the now traditional data miners leaks. Let’s see in detail all the news of the May 2nd update.

It starts with three new skins, all of the Epic: Lace, Paradox and Sterling, and the latter were still unpublished. Being epic skins, they are all sold for 1500 V-Bucks.

Two new picks also arrive, such as Silver Sledge and Vision, both of rare rank and therefore from the price of 800 V-Bucks, and the glider Equilibrium. To complete the picture we think about daily sales, which today include two skins: Maki Master and Sparkplug, both rare (1200 V-Bucks), the Batsickle pick, a sort of hybrid between a baseball bat and a scythe, the cover Infernal and two dances: Rock Out and Twist.

The photos of the objects can be found in the link to the source and in the tweet at the bottom of the news. Before spending your hard  earned V-Bucks we remind you that the Fortnite shop update will be online soon and that the changes purchased do not bring advantages in battle, but only aesthetic customizations to your character.

An update 8.51 of Fortnite is also scheduled for today, while the latest Endgame challenges of the Fortnite X Avengers event are already available.