Fortnite: Will Extraordinary Challenges Start Today?


Last week the dataminer revealed the return of the Fortnite Extraordinary Time Challenges, initially, it was thought that these challenges were destined to compare during Season 9 but it seems that things will not go exactly like this …

As reported by Fortnite Insider, the Extraordinary Time Challenges will start today, Thursday 2 May, along with Fortnite’s Week 10 Challenges, the latest regarding Season 8, which is heading towards its natural conclusion.

Extraordinary Time Challenges

  • Get to level 23 of the Battle Pass
  • Complete all Overtime Time Challenges
  • Hit the enemies
  • Enter the top 10 pairs
  • Survive your enemies
  • Reach level 71 of the Battle Pass
  • Get level 87 (Battle Pass)
  • Find coins in the reported islands (Creative Mode)
  • Comes in the top 10 teams

At the moment Epic Games has confirmed nothing in this regard, we will probably know more at 11:00 (Italian time) when Fortnite will go offline for the arrival of the 8.51 update, with a slight delay on the roadmap that foresees the available updates between Tuesday and Wednesday of each week.

If the leaks prove to be correct, for Fortnite players there would be a very rich Thursday of challenges.