Harry Potter Wizards Unite At The Start Also In Australia. Info On Microtransitions

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

After New Zealand, Australia also welcomes Harry Potter: United Wizards, Niantic’s new app dedicated to the world of the famous Maghetto created by the pen of JK Rowling. The game is now available in beta also on the Australian market on iOS and Android, for free.

Being a trial version of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite, some features of the game are still missing and some languages ​​have not yet been added. The interface and general design may also be subject to change.

Australian and New Zealand users will, therefore, be able to run into some app malfunctions, and Niantic hopes to improve it also through their feedback. The Australian launch of the game also makes us discover some interesting news about microtransitions. The game will in fact be free as mentioned, but inside there will be the possibility of buying gold from the Bank of Gringott. It starts from around 1 euro for 80 gold units to 100 euro for 10 thousand gold units.

Other consumables are also on sale, including the Anti-Calamity and Advanced Anti-Calamity kits , which contain gold, potions, spell energy and keys, to be used in various ways. You can also spend gold to buy Dark Detectors (which reveal the presence of special objects), Runestone (useful for challenges), potions that restore stamina and so on.

The mechanics of the game should be similar to those of Pokémon GO, another Niantic app, in which therefore it will be necessary to interact with the real environment.

What do you think of what we’ve seen so far? What do you expect from the game?