Here Is Sanctuary 3, The Hub Of Borderlands 3 Crypt Hunters!

Santury 3

During the event dedicated to the gameplay reveal of Borderlands 3, Randy Pitchford and his Gearbox Software gave us the very first images and information about Sanctuary 3, the “flying” house of the Crypt Hunters that will be the central hub for all their in-game activities.

The gigantic space station that will be the starting point for the adventure that awaits Claptrap’s friends at the perennial search for Eridian treasures will boast different levels of customization and will provide us with all the tools to hunt down the Calypso Twins and their associates. By going back and forth between Sanctuary 3 and the alien worlds of the new Borderlands , for example, we will be able to collect the loot acquired between one mission and another, open crates full of rare loot with the Golden Keys , buy upgrades for their arsenal in the well-stocked Marcus shop and give us gambling at Moxxi’s bar .

Visiting the different sectors of Sanctuary 3 we will then be able to interact with characters like Tannis, Sir Hammerlock, and Ellie, buy rare merchandise from Crazy Earl and participate in social activities that will also involve other players. Next appointment on September 13th, then, to give us the crazy joy in the explosive free roaming dimension of Borderlands 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

From the stage of the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal, Pitchford then illustrated the novelties of gameplay, the functionality of the cooperative mode and the triple tree of abilities of Zane and Amara.