Is Microsoft’s Forza Street Coming To Nintendo Switch?

forza street

It’s no secret that Microsoft and Nintendo have been very close lately, as confirmed by the arrival of Cuphead on Switch. While insiders and analysts hypothesize the arrival of further games, a confirmation in this sense seems to come from the data miner …

Recently the Redmond house has published Forza Street on Windows 10, iOS and Android and it seems that the game in question can also arrive on Nintendo Switch. In the game’s source code, there are indeed some references to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Online, which would suggest a possible conversion to racing for this free to play a racing game.

Forza Street is an arcade racing game designed for mobile platforms, known initially as Miami Nights and later as Miami Street, the project has been modified to become part of the Forza family, so far with little success with the public, considering the few downloads made from Windows Store, App Store, and Google Play.

That the landing on Nintendo Switch (not yet confirmed) can give visibility to Forza Street? We will find out, perhaps, in the coming weeks