Mid-Season Invitational 2019: The Former President’s Funeral Changes The Program

Mid-Season Invitational 2019

On the 1st of May, the mid-season event of the League of Legends competitive scene started, and the winners of all the national or continental championships recognized by Riot Esports access by invitation.

G2 Esports, SK Telecom T1 and Invictus Gaming, champions of Europe, Korea, and China respectively, are already qualified for the final phase of the Mid-Season Invitational, which this year is divided into two countries, Vietnam, increasingly at the center of export dynamics of Riot, and Taiwan.

Eight started from the first phase of Play-In, while Team Liquid and Flash Wolves, representatives of North America and Taiwan, will begin their journey in the second phase of Play-In. Despite the fact that the event had been scheduled for months, the recent departure of the former president of Vietnam Le Duc Anh has upset the programs of two of the days of competitions.

Originally the challenges were scheduled from 1 to 4 May 2019 but the State funeral, which will occupy two days on 3 and 4 May, prohibits the performance of any type of entertainment: including the MSI.

The Round 1, which provided six games a day from 1 to 4, is thus distributed in three days, the 1, 2 and 5, with eight games in the day. The Round 2, previously scheduled from 5 to 7, maintains the program of the second day unchanged but provides for two matches on May 6 instead of just one.

The first day expressed the partial verdicts of Group A with the Vietnamese Phong Vu Buffalo, already protagonists at the Worlds 2018, in command of the group with three victories and the surprising defeat with the Australian Bombers in which also plays an old acquaintance of the Italian scene, the Mimic to planer ex Team Forge. Follow the Turks of Fenerbahce tied with the Bombers, both with two victories and two defeats. Finally, the Chilean-Argentines of Isurus Gaming close with just one victory.

With two games still to be played the math does not allow anyone to exult or give up but it is clear that PVB remains the favorites for the passage of the round: in fact, only the first of each round will have the chance to challenge the Liquid or the Flash Wolves. In Group B, on stage from 2 May, the Detonation FocusMe from Japan, the INTZ eSports from Brazil, the MEGA from Thailand and the Vega Squadron from Russia will compete