One User Recreated The First Level Of Metal Gear Solid In Dreams

Metal Gear Solid In Dreams

Metal Gear Solid was one of the videogames that made history, and that is still a very popular title that enjoys great popularity. Beyond The Twin Snakes, released on Nintendo Gamecube, Konami’s original title has not undergone other treatments such as remake or remastered, which some fans are clamoring for.

However, a Dreams user might have thought of it. Media Molecule’s new exclusive PlayStation 4 makes it possible to create video games, and it is one of the few cases in which the phrase “the only limit is one’s imagination”stops being a cliché, given that the game editor allows you to create pretty much anything.

A player has therefore decided to reproduce in Dreams sauce precisely, the first level of Metal Gear Solid, the one set in the famous Dock, where Solid Snake lands after being launched from the submarine to infiltrate the base of Shadow Moses.

The result is rather fanciful, and it will surely please the nostalgic, who will certainly take a good look at the possibility of diving back into the Alaskan ice, albeit in another video game. The work in question, of course not yet finished, can be seen in the tweet at the bottom of the news. What do you think?

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