Pokémon Go, Earth Day: Last Day To Get Shiny Diglett And Groudon

Pokémon Go

The rewards for Earth Day on Pokémon GO are coming to an end, given that there will be time until 22 today to get them. This is mainly the Shiny version of Diglett, and Groudon, available in the Raids, as well as double rewards in terms of candy and stardust.

Niantic and Playmob have joined for the second consecutive year to create a themed event for World Earth Day during the month of April, and the initiative was once again a great success, given that the figures speak of around 14,800 event participants.

During this period, as well as having made their appearance the special pokémon mentioned above, also the earth type creatures like Diglett, Sandshrew and others could appear more frequently than usual. From today 22 the situation will return to normal, so make sure you have taken all the rewards that interest you within that hour.

Meanwhile, unidentified pokémon have been spotted in-game: that the legendary guardians of the lakes in Pokémon GO are coming? On our site, you will find all the information about it.

In addition to Pokémon GO, Niantic is also dedicating itself to another licensed product and has also launched in Australia Harry Potter: United Wizards.