Project xCloud Is Getting Closer To Launch: The “Takehome” Version Is Ready

Project xCloud

Project xCloud is undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s most ambitious gaming projects, and it seems that it has just reached an important milestone. Phil Spencer has updated on Twitter about the completion of the “Takehome” version of the software.

What it means is easy to say: in practice, the project is now in a sufficiently advanced stage that it can also work in a real environment, such as the home of the developers themselves, rather than just in the studio. From now on, software programmers will be able to continue to work on them and carry out tests even at home.

The plans of Microsoft are to make everything available, at least in a trial version, by 2019, and to show a working version in a domestic environment at E3 2019. According to Phil Spencer, the times for the moment seem to fit together.

xCloud therefore (name still provisional) is, therefore, preparing to be the first real alternative to Google Stadia, promising games of identical quality to those on consoles, on every device. In short, the next-gen has not yet begun, which is already thinking about the next step.

According to Microsoft Project xCloud will not replace traditional consoles, while Qualcomm bets on the contrary. What do you think? Will cloud gaming really be the future of video games?