Rocket League Will Not Be Removed From Steam After The Acquisition Of Epic Games


Yesterday Epic Games announced the acquisition of Psyonix and Rocket League, in the press release it was about the upcoming arrival of the game on Epic Games Store with consequent removal from Steam. The company has now clarified the situation.

With a note sent to the USGamer website, Epic Games says that ” Rocket League will continue to be sold on Steam and we have no plans to stop the distribution of the game on this platform. The game can still be purchased on Steam and users will enjoy the maximum support, for those who have already purchased Rocket League on Steam instead nothing will change. “

Epic also reveals that ” plans for long-term support and for the future of the Rocket League will be announced shortly “, but without going into further details. At the moment the figures of the acquisition are not known, the operation should be completed and finalized by June, the company reiterated in closing that the game will continue to be sold regularly on PC and console and supported with continuous updates, exactly as happened until today.