The Borderlands 3 Co-Operative Is The Protagonist Of The New Game Video

Borderlands 3 Co-Operative

After letting us wear the role of Sirena with the introduction of Borderlands 3, Gearbox takes advantage of the media showcase offered by the live-streaming event dedicated to revealing their open-world FPS gameplay to make a video demonstration on cooperative mode.

As in every other chapter of Randy Pitchford’s iconic looter-shooter, of course also in Borderlands 3 the online (or shared screen) cooperative will play a decisive role in the construction of the playful scaffolding and will guarantee dozens of hours of healthy entertainment. Keeping the charm of the past intact, the new Borderlands 3 co-op will attempt to respond to community requests by enabling us to enable or disable separate Looting management: each team member who wants to take advantage of this feature will, therefore, be shown in-game a different “loot flow”. Anyone who prefers to keep the unified management of the loot, however, will be able to continue to do so as in the previous episodes of the series.

In the movie, we can also admire Troy and Tyreen, the Calypso Twins who will command the criminal armies of the Children of the Vault with an iron fist. According to the American authors, the struggle between the latter and the Crypt Hunters will become increasingly intense as the game goes on, but thank goodness we will be able to evolve the equipment and abilities of our alter-ego (found here an in-depth analysis of the skills of Amara and Zane ) by unblocking increasingly devastating powers and acquiring incredibly neat weapons with their own character .

Without delay, we will leave you with the video on the Borderlands 3 cooperative that we will be able to access from the launch of the Gearbox blockbuster, scheduled for September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.