World War Z Sold 320 Thousand Copies Only On Epic Games Store

World War Z Epic Game Store

World War Z continues to grind large numbers, and the data that arrived a few hours ago also certifies the excellent state of health of Epic Games Store, the platform that has now openly declared war on Steam, dividing the opinion of users.

The videogame has sold over a million copies in just two weeks, according to the latest data, of which 320 thousand copies only through the Epic Games Store, a considerable result for both the developers and for the platform itself, which has replenished its numbers also thanks to the sales of Satisfactory , its other exclusive with excellent results despite the exclusion from Steam.

The most sold title on the platform, however, remains the Metro: Exodus, which has more than doubled its predecessor’s sales in the same time frame. The aggressive policy regarding exclusives and the promise to add new features to the Epic Games Store in the future is effectively making the software house platform a viable alternative to Steam, effectively closing the sort of monopoly that had come about in recent years.

What do you think? Do you see the rise of Epic Games Store?