Bethesda Celebrates The Year Of Doom And Opens The Slayers Club

Bethesda Celebrates The Year Of Doom

There is no better way to celebrate the legacy of DOOM than with a big, big and bad party! Below is the press release with which Bethesda announces the Year of DOOM and all related initiatives.

This year we celebrate the Year of DOOM. The Slayers Club website has evolved to offer you all the best DOOM-themed content and to reward you for the deeds performed together with the other Slayer. The members of the Slayers Club can earn Slayer points for each action performed on the site, how to participate in special challenges of playing DOOM (2016), read articles, watch movies, send your best fan art, etc.

Once you have accumulated enough Slayer Points, you will grade up! But beware: your Slayers Club rank is not just for measuring yourself against the other Slayers! Grade up will also get you special game content, including exclusive skins for use in DOOM Eternal the exit! Slayers Club members will also be able to participate in the monthly DOOM themed prize draw, such as T-shirts, vinyls, DOOM Slayer action figures and much, much more. What are you waiting for?