Borderlands 3 In Development For Three Years: Kevin Powell, Gearbox Game Designer, Talks About It

Borderlands 3 In Development

During the evening of Wednesday, May 1st, Gearbox finally showed the public the first highly anticipated Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer.

Kevin Powell, the game designer of the software house, now provides new details on the development process that characterized the third chapter of the Gearbox saga. Interviewed by the Dualshockers portal, the latter shared interesting information about the game. We thus learn that Borderlands 3 has been in development for at least three years at the team’s studios, which, after a period of pause from the IP following the publication of Borderlands 2, returned to plunge enthusiastically into the saga’s narrative universe.

Regarding the development of Borderlands 3, Powell said: ” The team has always known that what we wanted to create, which is more ‘Borderlands’, but better. So, we kept to that. We took all the things that the players know and they love previous titles and we have made them better “. Referring to the game world, organized in planets, the Gearbox game designer also specified that Borderlands 3 ” is the biggest Borderlands title we’ve ever created “.