Borderlands 3 In VR: Gearbox Hopes To Introduce Support After Launch

Borderlands 3 In VR

The Borderlands 3 event, which gave us the first gameplay scenes of the Gearbox looter-shooter, continues to hold its own on the sector sites and the general press. Taking advantage of this media visibility, Daily Star colleagues asked Kate Pistick of Gearbox if the title would support VR.

To avoid any misunderstanding as happened to Randy Pitchford and his erroneous announcement of the absence of microtransactions in Borderlands 3, the Gearbox Mission Designer candidly explained that, regarding VR support, “we talked about it, but there is nothing of really planned of which I am aware”.

“With the VR version of Borderlands 2 we had an internal team that worked expressly on that project” , then specifies Pistick before underlining that “they worked with an external team, a really small team made up of people who were exclusively involved in that project “There was no one from the main team at Borderlands 2 who broke away from the group and went to work on the VR version, only a couple of guys who went there to offer support and supervise what they had done . 

To want to pay attention to the developer of Gearbox, therefore, the development house of Randy Pitchford intends to use the time that separates them from the launch of Borderlands 3 to refine the graphics sector and take care of the gameplay novelties that will outline the playful experience of those who, on September 13th, will explore the alien worlds of Borderlands 3 together with the emulators of the Crypt Hunters on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.