Borderlands 3 Will Have A Crazy Number Of Boss Fight

Borderlands 3 Will Have A Crazy Number Of Boss Fight

After the gameplay reveals of Borderlands 3, juicy information continues to arrive on the highly anticipated new chapter of the Gearbox saga. The last one concerns the boss fight, which will be a fundamental part of the game and will be present in large quantities.

The lead enemy designer Josh Jeffcoat talked about it, even declaring that there is an entire department within the team, to make the boss fight more interesting than ever.

“We had to design completely different ecosystems and enemies for each planet. We had to create something new, we couldn’t just create enemies and that’s it. Being able to do it, even in time, was a very difficult challenge to overcome”.

Jeffcoat then went on to talk about the number of bosses in the game: “The number is higher than any other Borderlands, it is simply crazy. It was so big that the department built another department that only focused on the bosses. Matt Cox, he was in charge of it, and his job was just to think about the boss fight. That’s how we solved the problem. “

Also Chris Brock , producer of the game, spoke about the novelties of the game and the different development methods used: ” We used Pandora as the setting for three games, we wanted to do something new and push the game in another direction from the point of view of setting, and then going to new planets. Which meant creating more drawings, other flora and fauna, and other environmental storytelling. It can’t be all Pandora stuff, it wouldn’t make sense. Building all these structures for different game worlds has required a lot of work “.

The third installment of the Gearbox saga is coming September 13, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. On our site, you can find all the information on Borderlands 3.