Call Of Duty World League: Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, Paris And New York The First Franchises


While Overwatch and League of Legends dominate the competitive PC scene, Call of Duty has for years been at the top of the hierarchical console scale. With the first, then, it also has in common the company origin, being a title branded by the by now Blizzard Activision pair.

However, if the Overwatch League, the first franchise in the history of exports, was announced with great pomp in 2016, the new Call of Duty World League is making the transition to the franchise almost muted.

Less clamor but not for this a lower cost: the cost of a slot seems to be around $25 million according to various media sources. While the European stage of the current CWL is being prepared in London, on the other side of the ocean comes the announcement of the first five franchises that will officially make up the 2020 competition.

As previously reported, the Overwatch League teams have had the opportunity to assert a sort of right of first refusal: it should therefore not be surprising that all the five teams announced so far are all organizations already operating in the maximum Overwatch competition, in a more or less indirect way. The overactive Media, Toronto, holder of Toronto Defiant in OWL and Splyce the LEC; the Atlanta Esports Ventures; The Envy Gaming, founder of Team Envy and Dallas Fuel; the Contact Gaming, already owners of Paris Eternal in Paris; the SterlingVCs of the New York Excelsior.

“ Each of the five franchises announced today represents for us a partner with a great experience behind them, being all of the Overwatch League, and who know and share our export vision. “- Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard CEO.

Activision Blizzard is preparing to take control of the export both on PC and console: or at least these seem to be his intentions.