Close To The Sun Now Available: The Italian Horror Appears In The Launch Trailer

After NERO and Lantern, the Italian team Storm in a Teacup presents their new videogame project: the first person horror Close to the Sun is now available.

After unveiling the release date through a new trailer for Close to the Sun published during the month of April, the game has in fact arrived on PC, as an exclusive title for Epic Games Store. Set in 1897, it casts us in the role of Rose Archer, a journalist engaged in the search for her sister Ada.

This leads her into international waters, bordered by the mysterious “Helios”, a structure designed by none other than Nikola Tesla. An intriguing setting, which is presented as follows: ” Helios is a sort of promised land for the greatest scientific minds. A utopia without limits for research, independent of any state and far from the eyes of society. Free to overcome the limits of time and matter”. However, a dismal atmosphere lurks on it, and, reached by our videogame alter ego, its rooms are completely empty, while a mysterious warning reports of quarantine in progress.

The characters and atmospheres of the game are presented in detail thanks to the new launch trailer, which you can view directly at the bottom of this news.