Days Gone And 48 Hours In The Workshop: Recreated The Bike Of Deacon St. John!


Days Gone, a new video game by Bend Studio, is now available for gamers, exclusively on PlayStation 4: however, there are those who are not satisfied with experiencing the zombie-themed adventure exclusively through a controller.

In fact, Playstation Nordic, which has collaborated with a team of experts to faithfully reproduce Deacon St. John’s bike, has been designed to transport an essential component of the game to the real world. Faithful companion of the protagonist, the latter has, therefore, come to life thanks to the work of four Danes. In the realization of the project we find in fact involved:

  • Patrick: project lead;
  • Andreas: garage manager;
  • Rakel: designer;
  • Fabian: mechanic.

The four, in collaboration with Playstation Nordic, had only 48 hours at their disposal to transform the skeleton of an old motorcycle into a faithful transposition of the medium used by gamers inside Days Gone. The Danish team seems to have made the most of the time it was given, creating a remarkable work! At the bottom, you can find some snapshots dedicated to the creative process and the final result: what do you think?