Days Gone: Tricks And Strategies To Survive The Hordes Of Furiosi

The world of Days Gone is full of dangers, but few threats will be able to push you around like the Furiosi hordes. Below we will give you some tips to best address them, in order to adopt the most effective strategies and survive on the battlefield.

Some hordes will be so large as to contain even a hundred Furiosi. Since you will have to deal with it yourself, hesitating or making the wrong move could cost you your life. Here are some practical tips to better address the hordes of Furiosi in Days Gone, in order to survive as long as possible.

Get ready for combat

Before starting the battle against a horde, prepare yourself for the fight. Stock up on explosives and Molotov cocktails. Any weapon or instrument capable of inflicting damage to the area will be of vital importance for thinning out enemies. It is also worth placing traps at certain points on the map, and moving so as to direct the horde towards them.

Slow down the Furiosi

Given the huge amount of Furiosi you have to deal with, it’s important to try to slow them down a bit. One of the best ways to do this is to look for “bottlenecks” in the surroundings. These usually take the form of doors or alleys and represent a great opportunity to slow down the advance of the horde. When you do, take advantage of it to take out the enemies in front of you.

The horde lives at night

The hordes of Furiosi spend the day sleeping. In the light of the sun, you will have the possibility to play in advance. Knowing where they will make it much easier to set traps, find bottlenecks and generally prepare the path to follow during the fight. This also means that you can sneak in and launch some explosives to start the battle with a considerable tactical advantage.

Concentrated shot

The “concentrated blow” ranged ability is of great use when it comes to dealing with the hordes. Being able to aim wisely and save ammunition can make a difference when fighting against an overwhelming number of enemies. It’s also worth unlocking the “Touch and Escape” ranged ability to improve the accuracy of your weapons and increase your chances of survival.

Use automatic weapons

Since you will have to deal with a large number of enemies, and that a high rate of fire will be of great use to eliminate many opponents in a short time, we strongly advise you to use automatic weapons, choosing between the fastest and most accurate ones in your possession. In this regard, we suggest you read our guide explaining how to earn credits in Days Gone. Using the in-game currency, in fact, you will be able to buy new weapons and upgrade yourself, improving the arsenal in your equipment.