Final Fantasy XIV: The Heavensward Expansion Is Free Until June

Final Fantasy XIV

And then don’t say that nobody gives us anything! Square-Enix has decided to surprise its fans and make available for free download the Heavensward expansion of Final Fantasy XIV to all owners of the Starter Edition of the game.

This is the complete version of Heavensward, which therefore contains all the contents of its updates: the operation will be valid from today until June 27, and of course those who decide to download it can then keep it forever.

Heavensward is set in the city of Ishgard, where the Warriors of Light will have to explore the hidden secrets of the city’s dark past and end the War of the Dragons. The expansion adds another 50-70 hours to the base game, so make sure you have enough free time and offer new classes, dungeons and raids and lots of new areas.

To redeem your copy, simply go to the official Square Enix website and follow the instructions. Moreover, today is also the last day on which Final Fantasy XIV “smooth” is offered free of charge via Twitch Prime , so even those who do not yet have a copy of the game, could suddenly find yourself with many, many hours of game ready to use, also thanks to the presence of other expansions of the game, including Shadowbringers.

What do you think of this Square Enix initiative? Will you take advantage of it?