Fortnite: Check A New Instant Death Zone At Pinnacles Pendants

Fortnite Pinnacles Pendants

As if the problems deriving from the glitch of the Shadow Bomb that turns Fortnite users into murderous phantoms were not enough, Epic Games puts the battle royale community on the alert: because of a bug in update 8.51, a new Death zone has been checked Pendent Pinnacles Snapshot.

The social channels of the American videogame giant, in fact, confirm the reports of users who report having fallen in battle by visiting the dungeons of a store in the map face dominated by the town of Tilted Towers, in this case, the pawn shop in Knepley.

In the message posted on Twitter, the Epic Games guys say they are already committed to fixing this bug with a patch or a simple hotfix that will be available soon, urging us in the meantime to pay special attention to this “phenomenon” during our digital raids between the buildings of Pinnacles Pendenti.

The new bug in the update 8.51 of Fortnite feeds the rumors circulating in the network in recent days in function of the discoveries made by the data miner that suggest how Tilted Towers is destined to be razed to the ground due to the definitive explosion of the volcano appeared on the island at the beginning of the pirate-themed Season 8. The new distortion of the map, presumably, should take place on May 8, coinciding with the departure of Fortnite Season 9, but it is possible that everything will be anticipated by the in-game event which should take place at on Saturday, May 4th near the Loot Lake bunker.