Fortnite Glitch: The Shadow Bomb Turns Users Into Killer Ghosts

Fortnite Glitch

The Shadow Bomb is one of the most important innovations of Fortnite update 8.51: it is not a coincidence, therefore, if Epic Games battle royale users have already managed to find ways to use them to cause glitches capable of upsetting the free to play shooter game experience.

According to what has been described by several Fortnite users, the Bomba Granata bug is able to infinitely extend the invisibility function and the powers granted by the object, such as the ability to stand out double jumps and the significant increase in the speed of movements and of the actions performed.

The Fortnite pro player known as Humanilliance has therefore decided to create an eloquent video that shows how easy it is, under certain conditions, to cause this glitch and to give permanent invisibility to your teammate. At the time of writing, on the social networks and forums dedicated to Fortnite, the reports of those who claim to have been killed by invisible players are multiplying. Are you also experiencing the same problem and have run into these annoying killer ghosts?

Waiting to understand what Epic will do to bring the situation back to normal, perhaps deciding to punish with ban (temporary and non) the users who are using this glitch to get the better of the other explorers of the island, we bring you the latest discoveries of the data miner regarding an important in-game event that should take place near the Loot Lake bunker on the evening of Saturday 4 May.