Fortnite Leak: New In-Game Event With The Opening Of The Loot Lake Bunker?

With the release of the Fortnite 8.51 update, Epic Games’ data miner of the battle royale are hard at work and find clear clues leading to the imminent launch of an in-game event.

According to information extracted from the Fortnite game code by the data miner of the ShiinaBR collective, this new event should start on Saturday 4 May and take place in the Fortnite island of Battaglia Reale dominated by the bunker appeared in recent days on the river bed now dried up of Shores of the Sacking.

The lines of code of the files discovered by the amateur programmers of the Fortnite data miner scene describe this event as “UnvaultingCountdown”, thus fueling the hypothesis of an imminent alien invasion unleashed, precisely, by the next excavation operations at Loot Lake that will reveal the real nature of the metal structure: not a bunker, therefore, but a real spaceship .

Regardless of the veracity or otherwise of this leak, we remind Fortnite Battaglia Reale fans that Epic has finally decided to announce the departure date of Season 9 and the inevitable Challenges (both free and connected to the Battle Pass of Season 9 ) which will accompany the beginning of the new in-game phase of the most famous video game in the world.