Fortnite: Union Account Will Be Deactivated Next Week

Fortnite union account

With a brief press release, Epic Games announced that Fortnite’s Union Account function will be deactivated next week, shortly before the start of Season 9, starting Wednesday, May 8th.

” Hey, folks, We wanted to warn everyone that the Union Account feature will no longer be available after May 6, two days before Season 9 starts. You still have time to link to the link above and merge the eligible accounts before the deadline. Note: all “In Progress” account merge requests will still be completed, provided they are submitted before May 6. “

So you have until Monday to send the Fortnite Union Account request, all requests received by May 6th will be processed correctly, while from the date indicated it will no longer be possible to merge two accounts.

If you are interested, take advantage of these last few hours to merge your accounts, Fortnite Season 9 will start on Wednesday 8 May, more details will probably be released during the weekend.