GTA V Is The Most Seen On Twitch Thanks To The Diffusion Of The “Role Play Mod”


Among the most popular games on Twitch, it seems that Grand Theft Auto V is currently the most seen of all and, to give it a considerable boost, it was the arrival of the mods that enable the possibility of playing role-playing.

In the period from August 2017 to February 2019, or a few months ago, the Rockstar Games title had accumulated “only” 10 million hours transmitted by the various users on the platform. The boom has happened since last March, when thanks to these new mods, the total number of hours has reached 58 million, an incredible result. For those who do not know what “role play mods” are, let’s talk about the possibility of applying game files that transform GTA Online into a role-playing game in which every server user must take on the role of a common citizen and perform tasks more or less simple. The servers support up to 32 players and in order to participate in one of these, it is necessary to fill out questionnaires and wait for long lines.

We also remind you that the records set by the game do not stop only at the hours broadcast on Twitch since 100 million copies of GTA V have been distributed, a goal achieved only by very few video games. It also seems that in the USA GTA 5 is one of the greatest successes of the current generation of consoles.