How To Start Apex Legends On PC When It Doesn’t Work

Apex Legends On PC

Are you having any problems starting Apex Legends on your PC? Does the game not start? In this mini-guide, we will provide you with some solutions to solve the problems of starting up Respawn Entertainment ‘s new battle royale on Personal Computer.

Sometimes it can happen that Apex Legends does not work on your PC. Maybe at start-up, a black screen appears, or the computer stops responding to commands by stopping. How can we act to solve these problems? The causes and solutions to these problems can be different. Here’s what to do when Apex Legends doesn’t start on your PC.

Start Apex Legends as Administrator

First, it is important to remember that Apex Legends must be started with Administrator permissions. Otherwise, in fact, you will not be able to start the game correctly.

Administrator permissions can be set at the time of installation or at any time. You can decide to start the game as Administrator by right-clicking on the Apex Legends icon, and finally selecting the “Run as Administrator” item.

If, on the other hand, you want to permanently enable the permissions from Administrator, just right-click on the game icon, select “Properties”, click on the “Compatibility” tab and finally check the “Run this program as an administrator” box.

Firewall and Antivirus can block the game

Sometimes the Windows Firewall and your Antivirus can also block harmless software like Apex Legends. If you have problems starting the game, we advise you to check that your Firewall and your Antivirus are not in conflict with Apex Legends.

To check that the Firewall has not entered into conflict with the game, just open Windows Defender Firewall, select “Advanced Settings”, click on “Incoming Rules” and check that Apex Legends appears in the list of software enabled for navigation. In the same way, repeat this operation with your Antivirus, making sure that Apex Legends does not belong to the list of blocked software.

Disable CCleaner and Malwarebytes

Several users have reported incompatibility problems between Apex Legends and the two CCleaner and Malwarebytes software. If the game doesn’t work and you have one of these two programs (or both) installed on your PC, you can try to disable them to see if the game starts working properly again.

Upgrade / Repair Apex Legends

In some cases, it is enough to update the game or repair any corrupt installation files. Both operations can be performed conveniently on Origin, Electronic Arts’ digital platform on which it is possible to play with Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. To do this, just right-click on Apex Legends on the Origin library, and finally, select the “Repair” or “Update” option.

Disable full-screen optimization

The ‘ optimization full-screen is a graphical option that may conflict with Windows 10. If you are experiencing some trouble to use the game on your PC, there is the possibility that these graph settings are causing the problem. We, therefore, advise you to disable the full-screen optimization of Apex Legends from the game settings, evaluating if it can solve the technical problems you have encountered.

Change the language of Apex Legends

According to the reports of some users, in certain cases, the problems of starting Apex Legends on PC can be solved by changing the language of the game. To do this, right click on Apex Legends from the Origin library, select “Properties”, then “Advanced” and finally change the language.

Reinstall Apex Legends

If none of the above solutions worked, you just have to try uninstalling and reinstalling Apex Legends on your PC. This is the most extreme solution, but in many cases, it can help you to resolve definitively every technical problem encountered with the game.