Immerse Yourself In The Mysteries Of Oakmont With The New Video From The Sinking City

The Sinking City

Bigben and Frogwares Studio today publish the unpublished video gameplay A Delicate Matter, a mission of The Sinking City available in the first hours of playing the title. The video shows the operation of the main investigation mechanics.

During the mission, Mr.Throgmorthon, leader of one of the main families of Oakmont, asks Charles to carefully examine a very delicate issue: a stolen art dealer, shortly before closing the sale of a valuable item, has mysteriously disappeared and Mr.Throgmorthon, being interested in the precious artifact, wants to find out what happened.

Thanks to the evolution of the investigation, the player clearly realizes how the plot of The Sinking City is much more articulated than it seemed at the beginning. Without any suggestion, the player will have to interrogate as many witnesses as possible throughout the city in order to find logic and connect all the pieces of the intricate puzzle. 

Fans of The Sinking City have the ability to pre-order and take advantage of exclusive bonuses. Start the adventure with the Day One Edition at its best. This version of The Sinking City includes the Investigator DLC Pack and a physical map of Oakmont. All mysteries will be revealed from June 27th PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.