Nintendo Labo VR: The Analysis Of Digital Foundry On Mario Odyssey And Zelda

Mario Odyssey vr

A few days ago the patch was made available that makes two of the most popular games on Nintendo Switch such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, compatible with Nintendo Labo VR, the virtual reality kit of the Great N

The possibility of being able to enjoy the entire game of Zelda in VR and some extra levels of Mario Odyssey had a bit allure, despite the predictable technical difficulties, given the power of the console and the Nintendo viewer built for other purposes, such as you can guess from the other compatible toys. The Digital Foundry analysis clarifies some doubts.

The game that suffers most is just Zelda since VR obviously works better on high-resolution screens and with a high frame rate. The standard game instead supports 30 fps and there are noticeable slowdowns when using the VR kit, presumably due to the double rendering, and this can cause motion sickness problems. Another problem is the resolution, which is too low to be fully enjoyable.

With Super Mario Odyssey things get better, mainly because the duration is less, the player’s view is practically fixed at one point on the level, while Mario is moving, which reduces the motion sickness, and above all the game manages to run in 60fps.

In other words, Mario di Zelda is better, according to Digital Foundry, whose analysis you can find in the opening video.