Shrek Becomes A Mini Boss Of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Thanks To A Mod

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

That the modder community is full of crazy creative geniuses is no mystery to anyone. Over time we have seen several games properly modified to introduce characters or situations that are decidedly bizarre within them.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the difficult and beautiful last work from FromSoftware, one of the most popular and played video games of the last period, cannot be an exception. Actually, the game had not escaped the touch of the modders, who had already made some unlikely crossovers with Thomas the Trenino, for example, or added the face of Nicholas Cage in Sekiro, to the Game Over screen.

The latest news is the inclusion of Shrek as a mini-boss in the game. The cute Dreamworks green ogre has taken the place of a chained ogre, one of the first mini-bosses to meet at the beginning of the game, for a result not only fun but somehow even believable.

You can see the character in action in the tweet at the bottom of the news, thanks to a user who has also taken steps to add the Smash Mouth soundtrack, which has always been associated with films in the series. Good news, in short, if you have always put up with the character of Shrek: from today you can have fun mazzularlo without mercy in Sekiro. But be careful not to get killed, the dishonor would be too much to bear.