The Trailer For Left 4 Dead 3 Is Fake: The Confirmation Directly From Valve

Over the past few hours, an alleged trailer for Left 4 Dead 3 has spread online. Unfortunately, the teaser, however well done, turned out to be a fake!

Valve has confirmed this: according to PC Gamer, in fact, the company has officially denied that the video appeared on Youtube has an official origin. Thus the enthusiasm quickly generated by the publication of the video goes out. The accuracy of the latter, entirely realized in computer graphics, had indeed generated among many the hope that the software house had decided to start a promotional campaign for a new Left 4 Dead. The approaching E3 2019 also contributed to the optimism about the possible authenticity of the film: the Los Angeles show, traditionally awaited with trepidation by gamers, represents the ideal stage for the announcement of titles long dreamed of by the community.

This is not the first time that a third chapter in the Left 4 Dead series becomes the protagonist of multiple rumors. Just a few weeks ago, during the month of April 2019, some alleged images of Left 4 Dead 3 had spread online. For now, however, gamers awaiting news on the future of the saga will have to resign themselves to further expectations.