The XXiF Pro Player Banned From The Fortnite World Cup For Cheating

Fortnite Player Banned

As we have already reported on our pages, Epic Games has examined the case of XXiF, Pro Player belonging to the Rise Nation team that during the qualifications for the final phase of the World Cup of the famous Battle Royale held a rather suspicious attitude in the game.

During the initial stages of a tournament match, the Pro Player eliminated two opponents in rapid succession, making it seem extremely easy to get the better of the other players – remember – professionals. A video published by ” Highsky “, another Pro Player, finally provided evidence to Epic Games of the illegal actions of XXiF, which had taken advantage of the unfair help of some of its friends despite being participating in matches in Solo mode. Meanwhile, the player had even cashed the $ 4,000 for his second place in the World Cup and qualified for the final stages of New York.

“All the players involved will receive a ban and will not be eligible for any of the Third Week prizes”, was the verdict issued by Epic Games. “This group also includes a player who would have qualified for the finals in New York. As a result, in addition to competitive ban and the loss of the jackpot, the player will lose his place at the Finals of the World Cup” .

The position left vacant by XXiF will be assigned to the US player immediately following in the Fortnite World Cup standings.