Valve Index Sold Out In The United States In Less Than 30 Minutes

Valve Index Sold Out

Tuesday, April 30th Valve opened the pre-orders for the VR Valve Index viewer apparently sold out in less than half an hour in the United States and registering a good success also in the United Kingdom.

Value Index is available in three different configurations, the first for sale at 1079 euros, the second (with two controllers) for 799 euros and finally the basic version with the display only for 539 euros. In Italia Index, it is regularly bookable while customers in North America can still pre-order with delivery scheduled for September 30th, while in the United Kingdom this possibility is not available.

Recently, Valve talked about a top game for Index coming later this year and many immediately thought that it could be the much-rumored Half-Life VR… that this was enough to push the viewer pre-orders?

Valve Index can be purchased in Italy directly from Steam with delivery scheduled for next June 28, as we said in our country there are no stock problems.