Waiting For GTA 6, Here Is A 4K Video Of GTA V With Hyper Realistic Graphics


The rumors about GTA 6 are becoming more and more insistent, and so the DubStepZz youtube has used its monstrous gaming PC equipped with two Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti GPUs in SLI to show us how the new Rockstar Games project could be through a version hyper-mod data of GTA V.

Putting the incredible computational power of his gaming computer at the service of GTA 5, the author has been able to push the graphics compartment of the open world masterpiece of the great R to qualitative and realism levels comparable to those that, presumably, we can reach in ambit console only after the launch of Google Stadia or with the advent of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett .

In the gameplay trailer that you can see at the beginning of the article, and in the relative images that we leave you at the bottom of the news, you can see a custom version of GTA 5 capable, thanks to the combination of high-end Nvidia video cards, of reaching 8K resolution (although in the video, due to the limitations of YouTube, it reaches a maximum of 4K) and remains steadily above 60fps .

Recently, thanks also to rumors on GTA 6 and the dissemination of a new GTA V roleplay mod, the last act of the free-roaming saga of Grand Theft Auto has once again become one of the most watched video games on Twitch.