World Of Goo For PC Is Free From Epic Games Store Today

World Of Goo

The World of Goo physics-based puzzle is now available for free download from Epic Games Store, downloadable at no cost until May 16th. Once redeemed, the game will remain yours forever and can be used without restrictions.

The millions of beautiful and amazing Goo balls that live in the world of Goo are curious and want to explore everything … but they don’t know that they are part of a game, nor that they are delicious. We welcome you to World of Goo, winner puzzle of the “Game of the Year” award. Drag and drop the living drops of Goo to build structures, bridges, cannon balls, airships and gigantic tongues. “

From May 16th World of Goo will be replaced by Stories Untold, a horror-colored puzzle game that includes 4 different episodes, each with its own story, setting, and unique elements. Undoubtedly two very interesting games, which we strongly advise you not to miss.