Activision Looks To Google Stadia: Cloud Gaming Is A Great Opportunity

Google Stadia

If the Blizzard Entertainment boss takes advantage of the latest investor conference to confirm support for traditional platforms and mobile systems, Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick takes the opportunity offered by the financial results to look towards Google Stadia.

On the basis of the report of the financial report offered to us by the colleagues of VideoGamesChronicle, the boss of Activision would in fact have explained to its shareholders that “when you own 30 years of intellectual property, there probably never has been a better time than this to be in the world of video games “ .

Without expressly mentioning Google and its new, ambitious in-game streaming service from Stadia, Kotick added that “when large well-funded companies decide to build videogame platforms but have a limited amount of content to offer to their customers, I would say that great opportunities open up for a company like ours “ .

“I believe that those who approach only now video games will try in every way to expand their audience and if there is a useful way to do it, it is to make big investments” , was the message that Kotick wanted to share with the Activision investors before concluding that “in any case, none of these platforms can succeed without great content and, frankly, they don’t really know how to make it on their own. So when you think about what our role will be, I think it will be to allow them to build their own audience. And I think we have a better opportunity than others to capitalize on all these new platforms that will be launched.

Among the next Activision projects that, at this point, would seem to be destined to land on Google Stadia, the most important could be the new Call of Duty , whose official announcement is expected by the end of June, plausibly during E3 2019 that will be held, in fact, in mid-June in that of Los Angeles.