Bloodborne: Cut-Content Shows The “Original” Version Of The Queen Of The Vilesangue

Bloodborne- Cut-Content

Years after the publication of Bloodborne, the community linked to the game welcomes new possibilities to deepen the title.

In this context, the user Lance McDonald distinguished himself, who through a constant and in-depth analysis of the game shared several absent contents in the final version of the game From Software. Through its own Youtube channel, the player has analyzed different aspects of the Bloodborne cut-content, discovering some interesting details related to the original versions of some NPCs, including, for example, Father Gascoigne.

The protagonist of a new video is instead Annalise, Queen of the Vilesangueand a character that our videogame alter-ego can meet in the Cainhurst area. Analyzing the cut-content related to this NPC, McDonald discovered some interesting details about its “original” version. The user has thus discovered some dialogues not used by the Bloodborne developers and discovered that the character originally presented a different dubbing, which seems to suggest an intriguing link between Annalize, the Automaton, and Lady Maria. You can find the video directly at the beginning of this news: enjoy it!

It is not the first time that Lance McDonald has dedicated himself to an in-depth analysis of Bloodborne: he has published several videos on the subject. Over time, in fact, the content removed from the final version of the game and identified by the community turned out to be very interesting.