Control: Developers See A Bright Future For Single Player Games

Control Developers See A Bright Future For Single Player Games

In a market flooded with free-to-play games in continuous expansion and game as a service, Remedy seems intent on continuing on its own way by offering fully enjoyable solo experiences. After Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, the Finnish firm is ready to return to the market with the promising Control.

CEO Tero Virtala not only firmly believes that single player games are here to stay, but he is also confident that in the coming years they will continue to expand. During the Reboot Develop Blue, he said that the expansion of the PC market (the growth of the Epic Games Store ) and the increase in competitiveness in the market (the arrival of Google Stadia ) will open many new doors to studies like Remedy, willing to work on triple-A productions for single player.

“The competition is open for the games Netflix. We don’t know how or when it will happen, or if it will be a subscription service. The fact is that in the next two or three years the big companies will invest a lot in this sector. Every single person knows that, in the gaming industry, exclusive content is needed to sell a new platform “. With these new distribution opportunities, there will be greater demand for our games, and also many new potential partnerships”.

The optimism of single player games has further increased thanks to the success of exclusive Sony and Ubisoft’s big productions, such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Far Cry 5: “When we discussed with publishers three years ago, many of them were doubtful about the success of a single-player triple-A blockbuster. Now, after the success of so many Sony and Ubisoft games, single players have never been so strong. 

What do you think of the words of the CEO of Remedy? Do you also believe that old-fashioned games will be among the great protagonists of the future of gaming? We take this opportunity to remind you that Control will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 27th. If you want to know more, we advise you to read the preview of Control by our Giuseppe Arace, who has had the opportunity to test it with his hand.