Destiny 2: The Invitation Of The Nine Bug Will Be Fixed Next Week

Destiny 2

On April 26th, Bungie made the seventh invitation of the Nine, called “La Torre”, available in Destiny 2. This assignment asks players to complete the La Tana Cava quarry and defeat a certain number of enemies belonging to beehive, infamous and vex on the Twisted Shore.

Unfortunately, this invitation is impossible to complete due to a bug that does not allow Vex to appear and, consequently, be defeated. The development team has been aware of the problem ever since it made the invitation available, but was unable to resolve it quickly. Apparently, after several days of hard work, Bungie has finally managed to get to grips with the issue and announced that it will be resolved soon: the fix will be made available as part of the 2.2.2 update to be released Tuesday, May 7th. Your progress in the other steps of the invitation will be saved, so you can proceed as soon as possible. Fortunately, the bug does not affect any of the previous calls.

We take this opportunity to inform you that soon two portable cannons will be detuned, Ululate the Moon and For Not Forget. The changes will take effect at the beginning of the Wealth Season, scheduled for the month of June.