Fallout 76: Legendary Regulators, Collector And Trading Machines Coming Soon

Fallout 76- Legendary Regulators, Collector And Trading Machines Coming Soon

Although the response from the community was not completely positive, Bethesda has no intention of stopping supporting Fallout 76. The post-atomic title will expand Tuesday 7 May with the great Patch 9, which will introduce a lot of news.

Pioneer scouts and backpacks are not the only features coming soon: the Maryland company also has more in store, such as personal dispensers and legendary swap machines. The first will allow you to turn your CAMP into a store. With the dispensers, you can earn by selling items you created or found during the game. You can also visit the CAMPs of other inhabitants to shop and expand your collection. After building a dispenser, you can assign items from the inventory and set the price in caps for each item. The objects placed in the dispenser will remain in your inventory, but they will also be marked by a special icon, so it will be easier to identify those addressed to the sale. You will receive a notification each time one of them is sold. Profits (reduced by a 10% commission to balance the game economy) will be added to your balance in caps.

At the end of the month, the Collector will also arrive, a new trader mole miner. Be careful though, it does not cover caps. In his shop, you can exchange a new type of currency, the “legendary scrip”, and get legendary items. With a view to its arrival, legendary exchange machines (at the Appalachia railway stations) will be introduced on 7 May, which can be used to exchange legendary objects of little interest in scrip. The higher the star rating of the object, the more scripts you receive.

What do you think of this news? Remember that the Fallout 76 Patch 9 will also balance weapons such as plasma guns, shotguns, flame throwers, and the cryolator.