Fallout 76: Upcoming Changes For Plasma Weapons, Shotgun And Others

Fallout 76 Upcoming Changes

Bethesda continues to tease us ahead of the release of Fallout 76 ‘s Patch 9, scheduled for Tuesday 7 May. After anticipating the arrival of the Pioneer Scouts and the Backpacks, he revealed that some weapons will undergo major modifications based on feedback received from the players.

The first category to be interested is that of plasma weapons , which apparently are not powerful enough. For this reason, their damage will be increased in order to align them with the other firearms in the arsenal, according to this scheme:

  • Base damage to the plasma weapon increased by 30%;
  • Enclave basic weapon plasma damage increased by 10% up to 30%.

Bethesda will also fix two pump shotgun bugs with the legendary explosive effect. The first induced them to inflict double damage instead of 20% more than expected. The second caused the display on the Pip-Boy of minor numerical damage compared to the actual damage inflicted on the targets. In addition to all these modifications, the number of Flamethrower and Cryolator ammunition that can be created at the workbench will also be increased :

  • The flamethrower fuel created goes from 5 to 20.
  • The created cryocells pass from 15 to 25.

What do you think of these interventions? Fallout 76, remember, is available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.