Fortnite Nexus: The Countdown To The Loot Lake Event Begins

Fortnite Nexus: The Countdown To The Loot Lake Event Begins

If you are exploring the island of Fortnite Battaglia Reale while waiting for Epic to announce the new event dedicated to the Bunker of Loot Lake, you will certainly have noticed the appearance of an eloquent countdown over the metal structure which, according to the data miner would represent the hull of an alien spaceship .

The gigantic holographic countdown projected by the enigmatic structures activated by the Runes of the Shores of the Sacking Bunker should expire today, Saturday 4 May . The countdown admirable by all those who are participating in the ingame activities of Epic’s battle royale, obviously, only reinforces the rumors bounced on the net these days that suggested, in fact, the beginning of a new event for the evening of May 4th.

To want to pay attention to the information shared by the dataminer of the last Fortnite updates, during the new event ( called Nexus or Unvaulted) the frightening explosion of the volcano emerged on the island at the beginning of Season 8 and the consequent destruction (the umpteenth ) of the buildings that dominate the Pinnacles Pendants quadrant .

From an exquisitely playful and content point of view, always keeping to the last dataming operations during the event that will revolve around the Loot Lake Bunker we should be able to access new equipment elements and watch the return of weapons and gadgets removed by Epic with the passing of the Seasons . In any case, we can only advise you to stay on these pages to follow together with us all the news that will affect the Fortnite Battaglia Reale map during and after the event on the evening of May 4th