Overwatch: News Coming For The Blizzard Game Between 2019 And 2020

Overwatch: News Coming For The Blizzard Game Between 2019 And 2020

Overwatch has overtime proved to be a prominent IP in the Blizzard dress and the software house seems determined to support it in the near future with further news.

In fact, during a recent financial meeting, J. Allen Brack, manager of Blizzard, discussed the importance of the Overwatch universe. After underlining how the centrality of the IP was highlighted during the previous quarter, Brack stated: ” Overwatch is a huge main franchise for Blizzard and we are continuing to dedicate resources and attention so that we can continue to increase the community and the franchise over time “. During the meeting, the Blizzard executive also highlighted how during the financial period 2019/2020, the team intends to work for the addition of ” new heroes and new maps and new experiences” inside the hero shooter.

Also extremely interesting is a reference to the fact that, currently, the developers are ” working on the existing game as […] they are dedicating themselves to other occupations they have”. The reference has, in fact, prompted several users to wonder if behind these words there are no references to further projects related to Overwatch and distinct from the title currently available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. For now, however, no additional information appears to be available. 

We take the opportunity to remind you that, recently, the development team presented the new Overwatch Workshop feature, while the Havana map debuted in the PTR.