Risk Of Rain Has Already Sold 1 Million Copies In Early Access

Risk Of Rain Has Already Sold 1 Million Copies In Early Access

Risk of Rain 2 has already proved to be a huge success, although it is not even available in its final version. The guys at Hopoo Games are pleased to announce that the title, launched on March 28th in anticipated on Steam, has sold 1 million copies.

The first chapter of the series took 5 years to reach the same goal. Risk of Rain 2 has risked a lot, revolutionizing the forefather with the addition of the third dimension. And yet, thanks to a very solid gaming experience, he managed to conquer the community equally. Last week the developers provided the first details on the five major updates planned before the official launch of the game, scheduled for 2020. The first will be published in June and will include a survivor, a level and a boss, as well as new ones. objects and equipment. The team also whetted fans anticipating the arrival of completely new content for the Risk of Rain universe.

Risk of Rain 2, we recall, is currently available in Advance Access only on Steam for the price of 17.99 euros. This is his description: “Risk of Rain, the classic roguelike multiplayer game, come back with an extra dimension and more challenging challenges. Play alone, or team up with up to four friends to battle hordes of monsters, unlock new items and find the way to escape from the planet “